Who is ARD

ARD is Innovation

Traditions create identity & innovation paves the way to development. We have always made every effort to build on these foundations in order to supply hi-tech solutions which offer aesthetically appealing effects. 

ARD is Quality

Specialty products devised to provide maximum reliability; solid grounds for an optimum relationship with our partners. 

ARD is Colour

Colour is light, energy, life & emotions. For the last 50 years we have used the same genuine ingredients to produce it: passion, innovation & reliability. Our story begins in Padua just after World War II and leads to a reality in which we are renowned both in Italy & abroad. Colours are our heart: products, systems & decorative solutions - character: brightness, transparency & strength to improve continuously providing our partners with top quality products & the best possible service. The heart & character are the distinguishing factors which determine success in any & every field. 

ARD is Union

Every effort is made to anticipate market demands in order to provide the best possible support. Our relationship with our valid partners is rooted on common interests and constructive collaboration. 

ARD is in Evolution

We have grown interpreting the technological evolution of society, providing various solutions and a complete range of products for the building industry, (from traditional water paints for in/outdoors to the suggestive lime for prestigious ambiences, high-performing elastomeric & siloxanic finishes for outdoors & ETICS) perfect solutions in compliance with the new energy conservation regulations.